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Be Happy, Be Healthy—Elite Marathoner Ryan Miller Coaches Athletes Toward Balance (Ep 57)

Episode Summary

Living IN balance is a worthwhile endeavor that often comes to light when fighting through imbalance. Top-level marathoner, Ryan Miller, shares life lessons revealed in his personal struggles. His story shows the power of being honest, having support, and utilizing the right tools.

Episode Notes

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“I had an uber-talented group of guys to run with and train with, and they taught me many of the lessons and principles for distance running and coaching that I still employ to this day.”—Ryan Miller

In a world where so many people seek to hide their struggles, this transparent conversation with Ryan Miller is refreshing. 

He reminds us that every elite athlete has their own road to success, and he openly shares excellent advice for others who struggle with depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. As a father, husband, friend, and coach, he models what it looks like to work towards being happy and healthy.

(1:49) Distance runners are a special breed…

(5:19) Supportive parents, lots of activities, and finding running…

(11:23) “We worked our butts off for the next 12 months, and we actually won the national championship.” 

(14:17) Life outside of running pursuits… and the priority of family.

(17:24) Choosing a job that works with your desired lifestyle…

(19:37) Why Texas A&M? And what was the running experience like?

(23:35) Battling through depression, anxiety, and eating disorders…

(26:37) “I kind of view those things, all those characteristics that each of us has individually as tools. And tools can be used for good or bad, depending on how you use the tool.”

(29:47) Advice for those listening that are struggling with depression, anxiety, or eating disorders…

(32:20) Meal plans, being honest, and exuding more confidence…

(35:02) There’s power in tracking things like food and time…

(37:44) Transitioning to longer events after college…

(40:34) Training with a team versus individual training, which works best?

(44:10) Support networks, staying motivated, and the power in collaborating…

(48:44) “His philosophy is defined as sustainability and consistency in training, and we don't have to go out and do 30, 40, 50-mile long runs in training…” 

(52:57) Two directions that elite runners go…

(54:45) What does Go Be More mean to you?

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Recorded October 21, 2020.


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