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The Hard Truths of Being Young with Kidney Disease — Hailey Hogan (Ep 42)

Episode Summary

Listen in on this transparent conversation with Kidney Disease Fighter, Hailey Hogan. She exposes the personal challenges of being young and diagnosed with a silent but serious condition.

Episode Notes

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“Soccer doesn’t really wait for you… it was completely shattering and it felt like a punishment. It was really sad.”—Hailey Hogan

Hailey has more insight and understanding of kidney disease than any 20-something should have. Diagnosed at the early age of 15 she was quickly thrust into a world of medical testing, uncertain futures, and adjusted expectations. 

Listen in as she candidly explains the roller-coaster ride of figuring out life with her condition.

You’re sure to walk away with admiration of her daily courage, a mature grasp of complicated procedures, and her determined efforts to Go Be More.

(3:47) Hailey shares about her childhood in Ohio and a family move to Arizona.

(5:44) “...something is really not right.” Hailey’s symptoms that led to the diagnosis.

(10:48) “... still scratching the surface on the kidneys,” Jon asks Hailey about her thoughts on testing.

(12:14) The problem with symptoms…

(14:10) “... the kidneys, like most of your body, is very connected to each other. And it really helps if you can have a holistic approach to your medicine.” Jon and Hailey talk about the need for earlier testing.

(15:45) Hailey shares her heartbreak with soccer.

(17:53) Robotic pyeloplasty and other new normals…

(19:44) Realities sink in…

(21:18) What are the 5 stages of kidney disease?

(22:39) “...it's different because you're in this weird spot where you're like, how much do I need to change my lifestyle? And where does that begin and end?” Hailey shares about the confusing nature of a silent condition and how it impacts her thoughts.

(22:56) For the love of powerlifting…

(24:24) Are the treatment protocols handled well?

(28:16) Why it’s terrifying to leave your pediatric nephrologist and the different approaches to pediatric and adult kidney disease.

(34:04) There’s a need for a consistent scale.

(38:25) “And I think the healthcare system is one of those things where I think that with like a lot of things going on in our country, I think we need a revolution. I think we need to just do something different. And even if it's small, let's create a good example of something that works and then scale that.”

(39:11) 1% of the federal budget goes to paying for dialysis.

(39:42) John Oliver, an investigative journalist tackles the DaVita dialysis controversy with a humorous video.

(45:32) How do you handle the many aspects of life with kidney disease—particularly the mental health challenges?

(47:24) “I actually struggled to breathe.” Hailey shares a scary story that resulted from a complication after surgery.

(53:06) Working through what’s in your control and what’s not.

(55:13) Hailey shares her passion for kidney disease advocacy.

(58:47) What the message of Go Be More means to Hailey Hogan…

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Recorded August 28, 2020.


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