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Lead with Love - with Olympic Sprinter Coby Miller (Ep 24)

Episode Summary

Jon and Bryan speak with Olympian Coby Miller about his path to becoming an Olympic sprinter and the lessons his grandmother gave him that carry through to his work today.

Episode Notes

We talk with Coby Miller about going from a farm in Louisville, Mississippi to becoming a 2-time Olympian, and the philosophies that he carries forward into his work today. A highlight of what we covered:

- The lessons he learned growing up the youngest of five children and spending time at his grandmother's house
- How he won the high school state championship as an 8th grader after his coach and mentor M.C. Miller discovered him
- His belief that if you want achieve what other people don't, you have to be willing to do what they don't do
- How he ultimately ended up choosing track and field over a football career
- His experience running in the Southeast at that time against the likes of John Capel, Shawn Crawford and Terrence Trammell
- Why he thinks making others feel appreciated is a key to getting ahead yourself
- His philosophy of "if you have doubt, that means don't" and why you need to find ways to be still and listen to your intuition
- What's different about today's athletes, from how they are compensated to how they train to run faster and recover faster
- The importance of learning to respect money early in your career so that you don't blow the money you are receiving
- His passion for taking ordinary people and showing them how to unleash their inner athlete
- His approach of finding one thing that you can be consistent in everyday and how it connects to the #JustOneChallenge 
- How he grew his Instagram, why he posts the content he does, and the opportunities it is creating for him
- His advice to "pursue your passion, because it will eventually lead you to your purpose"
- What stands out to him now about his experience representing the US at the Olympics
- How he broke the American Record and his leg in the same race, missing out on a chance to compete at the World Championships despite being in the best shape of his life
- What he learned coming back from that injury and winning the Adidas Classic in his first race back
- His advice to "write the vision down" and put it on your bathroom mirror where you see it first thing every morning
- And finally, his mission to inspire one person each day

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Recorded July 10, 2020.


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