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Living a Life of Impact—Sacramento Running Association’s Scott Abbott (Ep 63)

Episode Summary

Having the opportunity to run under two of the best distance running coaches in history had a big impact on Scott Abbott. He took the lessons he learned to heart and paid it forward as he stepped into coaching, parenting, and leading one of the nation’s largest running associations.

Episode Notes

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“I think it's going to free us from the shackles of some of the things we've done in the past. As long as we can kind of weather the storm. I think ultimately it's going to be good.”—Scott Abbott

Now, as the executive director of the Sacramento Running Association, Scott can look back with clarity on the powerful impact his running experiences have had on him. 

As he and the guys reminisce about their collegiate running days, Scott also shares the powerful differences between the three “I” words—inspiration, influence, and impact.

(5:01) The importance of hard work and a good education… growing up in the Abbott household.

(9:49) Competitiveness and the “escape” that sports provided…

(11:42) How a disappointment in soccer and the promise of a trip to Disneyland opened the door to running…

(15:59) Working towards the top 10…

(19:24) “I'm pretty good at this. And this is something that could be a part of my life now moving forward.” Scott recounts the season when running became more than a trip to Disneyland.

(22:36) “You just break something down into, showing up every day, working hard, doing the task in front of you, bank it, and move on to the next. And that being the pathway to success.”

(24:45) Arriving at the decision to go to UCLA…

(26:13) Bikinis, an unusual start to practice, and brilliant recruiting methods…

(29:39) Bryan’s great Bob Larsen story…

(33:29) Realizing after the fact, how thoughtful Bob’s coaching was…Bryan’s experience

(34:43) Chasing the shadow of Bob Larsen… Jon’s experience

(37:15) Bob Larsen sees you as an individual… Scott’s experience

(39:35) “He had a greater perspective on life than I think most people do in terms of like, what's really important.” Jon reflects on one of the greatest long-distance running coaches.

(40:59) What’s missing in the world of coaching…

(44:01) Wired for coaching…

(46:21) Making a tough decision to go away from coaching but toward a life of balance…

(49:58) Facilitating running through the Sacramento Running Association…

(52:06) Planning events in the age of Covid and being creative…

(56:24) “We don't really have a lot of control over what's going to happen with the pandemic. But what we can do is have a mentality to try to come out of it stronger with new skills, with some new ability, and with some new opportunities.”

(58:17) Getting off the hamster wheel…

(1:00:32) What does Go Be More mean to you?

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Recorded November 11, 2020.


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