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Lyrics and Laughter—Singer/Songwriter Emme Lentino’s Path to Healing (Ep 55)

Episode Summary

Baring her soul through her lyrics has been a lifelong pursuit for Emme Lentino. She has experienced firsthand how traumatic events can eventually turn into personal strengths when they are processed through her singing and songwriting. And she wants to share it with the world.

Episode Notes

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“I think that human connection is the whole reason why I'm doing what I'm doing.”—Emme Lentino

We’ve all felt the power that words can have when connecting to the lyrics in a favorite song. But for Emme Lentino, struggling through some of life’s heartbreaks led her to put pen to paper and write songs that would resonate with others.

In this special episode, she and Jon transparently chat about lofty dreams, inevitable hardships, and all the SEASONS in between.

(2:34) Positive parents, extracurricular activities, and theatrical performances…

(5:16) Dad’s influence of country music and good songwriting…

(7:44) “It was really heartbreaking to have lost someone that was not that much older than me, and it really left an impression on me.” A family tragedy led to Emme’s first song.

(11:28) A firm foundation rooted in love and faith…

(13:03) Jon shares the connection he felt between being raised to practice faith and having big dreams.

(16:22) There’s peace in surrendering your efforts to God…

(19:13) The ups and downs of teens and twenties…

(23:47) Ski lifts, storytime with Emme, and seeking connections…

(28:37) How keeping it real, keeps you relatable…

(34:04) The transition into a full-time music career…

(36:25) Not excepting “No” 

(38:38) “When you're a dreamer, and you're painting that canvas with your dreams, you need these moments of validation that what you're doing matters.” Jon shares a powerful analogy.

(41:56) The birth of “Seasons of Life”...

(47:39) Bringing storylines to life through music videos and the debut of “Some Other Girl.”

(51:17) “I think probably the most important thing is that it is a song about heartbreak, on the surface. But if people listen to it and get to the bridge, they realize that it's actually a song of empowerment.” Emme sheds light on the meaning of her newest song.

(54:34) Everyone’s journey looks different…

(57:02) What does Go Be More mean to Emme?

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Recorded October 7, 2020.


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