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Turning Passions into a Career with Backcountry Splitboarder Dani Reyes-Acosta (Ep 82)

Episode Summary

Dani Reyes-Acosta left an envied corporate job with Nike to determine how her passions and skill sets could work together to create a life she loves.

Episode Notes

“I can say now, I was really trying to live with intention. That's what it comes down to.  Trying to make decisions based on what felt right, what felt good, and what I think is the right step to take.”

Many admire a life lived with intention, passion, and purpose, but few dare to figure out what that looks like—and pursue it.

Dani Reyes-Acosta left an envied corporate job with Nike to determine how her passions and skill sets could work together to create a life she loves. 

This conversation may very well inspire YOU to re-evaluate those aspects of how you’re living your life.

(1:58) A girl and her splitboard at the foot of Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming…

(4:31) Splitboarding explained, and how an adventurous outdoors life began…

(7:46) Life events that led to a reset…

(12:44) “Working in a team, being creative, doing large scale impactful work is what really makes my heart sing.”

(15:45) Exploring her human potential and the broader environment through backcountry splitboarding…

(18:30) Outlier - her project that marries storytelling, marketing, filmmaking, and strategizing… “What I think is really cool about this project is how the stories we tell inform the stories we believe about ourselves.”

(21:47) How do we honor our heritage and honor the land?

(24:59) An invitation to growth…

(26:41) Scaling-up in backcountry ability and knowledge… “By no means, do I think I know everything. I've just really tried to surround myself with people that are also trying to learn.”

(30:31) Teaching, educating, and giving back… “I think, fundamentally, a growth journey is always going to be underpinned by embracing failure.”

(33:54) Bringing underrepresented communities into the story…

(37:42) Connecting backcountry skiing with heritage, inclusivity, and brand messaging…

(39:46) “We want to see people be who they were born to be, by chasing what makes sense to them. Because in turn, they become what the world is chasing, which means they're inspiring others to do the same.”—Jon Rankin

(42:44) What does Go Be More mean to you? “It's really, how do you rise up from failure, from success, happiness, and sadness? And being in spaces of light and spaces of dark, whether you've achieved something amazing or have fallen flat on your face—literally or metaphorically—I think that what defines us is, how do we rise up and what are the next steps we take?”

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Recorded March 12, 2021.


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