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We All Have Second Chances - with Entrepreneur Ron Sarmiento (Ep 22)

Episode Summary

Jon and Bryan speak with Ron "Ronnie" Sarmiento about the decisions that led him to a life of crime, how that eventually caught up with him, and how focusing on making good decisions ultimately led him to his current success.

Episode Notes

We talk with Ron "Ronnie" Sarmiento, an entrepreneur and one of Jon's mentors about how he got to where he is today, and why he believes we all have "unlimited second chances." We also discuss:

- Ron's two philosophies that align with Go Be More
- Why looking for permission from others can help but isn't always the right place to start
- The most important quality for determining whether or not someone is coachable (hint: it's not ability)
- The difference between the "American Dream" that his parents were pursuing and the reality that they found when they got here
- His experience growing up in the west side of Orange, CA, which was the "meth capital of Southern California" when he was a kid, and the effect moving to the east side of Orange had on him
- How achieving success from the wrong decisions is ultimately not sustainable, and the idea that if you can become successful in an illegal industry, you can be successful in a legal one as well
- His decision to walk away from the illegal activities he was involved in, his success as a real estate agent, and then how it all crashed down when he was convicted for his crimes by the FBI
- How the conditions placed on him in order to go out on bond--and his years as an entrepreneur in "illegal industry"--created the conditions for his future success as a legal entrepreneur
- The key to overcoming major obstacles, namely finding that passion and meaning and something to focus your energy on
- The two options we have as humans--solve problems or make problems--and Ron's mission to solve more problems
- Why Ron is trying to remove words that signify "separation" from his vocabulary
- The connection between Voltron and Black Lives MatterĀ 
- Thinking about our actions as if they will go seven generations forward
- The inconsequentiality of many aspects of modern life and the responsibility we have to think about the next generation

Recorded June 10, 2020.


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