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Coach and Recording Artist Daniel Ozan's Emotional Return to Singing (Ep 62)

Episode Summary

We’re all inspired by those who “don’t fit into the expected molds.” As a classically trained vocalist and junior college distance running coach, Daniel Ozan has never tried to be what everyone has expected. We discuss his new album Emotional and his journey to making it.

Episode Notes

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“I was a waste of God-given talent if I didn't do it.”—Daniel Ozan

When talent, hard work, and good coaching collide, dreams can be realized. 

Daniel Ozan understands what it takes to push his body and mind above and beyond what’s comfortable. 

Here, he and Bryan talk about his training as a classical vocalist and how that compares to running, the advantages of community college, and how the skills you develop can prepare you for opportunities you never expected to get.

(2:00) Where are you from, and how did you start running and singing?

(6:00) Fear of being on stage…

(9:20) Qualifying for the state meet in distance running…

(11:03) The surprising benefits of community colleges…

(14:20) What did it look like to pursue both passions?

(15:59) Are voice lessons cheating?

(19:51) Auditioning for music school… “I spend a little bit of time there fixing my shoe, and I was like, okay, I got to focus… me focusing is listening to Kanye West,  Jesus Walks, loud in my headphones…”

(23:30) The many classes involved in a Classical Voice graduate degree…

(26:09) What makes Carnegie Hall special?

(29:12) Understanding the concepts of talent, hard work, and coaching in the world of music and running…

(34:08) Having the resources to excel…

(38:37) Coaching at the junior college level… “come to the community college, develop, you'll have some good training partners, you'll get stronger and you'll get faster.”

(43:17) The challenges of singing in Southern California…

(47:58) “So I put back music in my life, and it just flourished from there.”

(50:38) Working on the first big project as an independent artist, Emotional is birthed.

(52:36) "I told my Mom one day, 'We're going to be in the studio singing together.'”

(53:43) Juggling all the big projects…

(56:03) Kids, girlfriend, and the impacts of Covid…

(1:00:27) “You don't know what you really have, until an opportunity presents itself.” And being prepared with the right skills…

(1:04:39) What does Go Be More mean to you?

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Recorded November 4, 2020.


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