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Finding Purpose in Partnership - Paralympian Wesley Williams (Ep 38)

Episode Summary

Jon and Bryan are joined by Wesley Williams to talk about his career as a Paralympic guide runner and how he found his purpose.

Episode Notes

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We talk with Paralympic Guide Runner Wesley Williams about what it takes to do what he does, and how it’s influenced his mentality about life.

Wesley's Background
- Wesley’s childhood growing up in Visalia, California and how his family created the spark that got him into track and field
- What led him to compete for Cal State Northridge
- How Paralympian and hometown hero Jerome Avery opened the door for him to become a guide runner
- How he modeled his approach after Jerome Avery and the importance of building a strong human connection with the athletes you train
- His first impressions of the Paralympics and how those were quickly dispelled
- How he eventually became partners with Lex Gillette, and what makes Lex unique

His Experience as a Paralympian 
- The role of a guide runner and some of the rules they need to adhere to
- How a Paralympic 100m race actually works, and some of the strategies guide runners use to run seamlessly with their partners
- How the Paralympic long jump works, and the “in and out” calling method he and Lex are known for
- His experience in Rio where Lex couldn’t hear his guidance on four of his six jumps due to the crowd noise
- Why he feels being a guide runner is what he was meant to do
- Some of the challenges facing Paralympic athletes, from getting into competitions to preparing for life after competition to gaining and keeping corporate sponsorship
- Why we need to think outside the box to create more and better opportunities for Paralympic athletes
- What it feels like to stand on the medal stand at the Paralympic Games
- How competing in the Paralympics and traveling the world changed his mentality, and fulfilled his athletic dreams in a way that his previous career hadn’t

Training for 2021 and His Future Plans
- How difficult it is to train for 2021 due to the restrictions on what facilities can be used
- His run-in with a wild bobcat while trying to do some hill work
- Wesley’s memory of Jon first telling him about the idea for Go Be More, back in 2007
- How it takes a village to raise a person and why he is creating a non-profit that aims to create those villages
- And why for Wesley, Go Be More means to go be somebody you never thought you could become

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Recorded August 7, 2020.


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