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Vessel Athletics Founders Jasmine & Jalen Aim to Revolutionize How Runners Hydrate (Ep 60)

Episode Summary

We dare you NOT to be inspired by these two young, ambitious entrepreneurs. Jasmine Sanchez and Jalen Brown share the vision for their Hydroshirt, Vessel Athletics, and tackling the day-to-day challenges of creating a successful apparel brand.

Episode Notes

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“Every day is a new challenge, but also a new blessing, a new lesson.”—Jasmine Sanchez

If you’re stuck in analysis paralysis or fear keeps you from taking the first step towards your dreams, this episode is for you. The determined energy of these twenty-something dreamers is contagious. 

Jasmine and Jalen talk with Jon and Bryan about what is REALLY involved in building a brand and creating something out of nothing.

(1:39) A promising relationship made through a LinkedIn connection…

(5:27) Making time for mentoring…

(8:33) Jasmine’s early years and influences…

(12:13) From football to skateboarding to eBay sales—Jalen’s trajectory toward entrepreneurship

(20:11) Jalen’s solution to acquiring the “latest and greatest” sneakers…

(23:44) A lesson in the power of TRUST…

(26:25) Why hydration products? “As I was experiencing all these pain points with all the hydration products on the market, I was just thinking, the only thing you really need is one of these water packs that go inside of a backpack.”

(30:51) Like-minds connect over entrepreneurial dreams…

(32:22) How do you tackle making a product that doesn’t exist?

(33:57) When you realize you need more help…

(36:56) Stress, perspectives, and the roller coaster of emotions…

(38:18) Why mentorships help…

(40:09) Divide and conquer...making sure the responsibilities are covered while working full-time jobs…

(43:32) “...people, process, and priorities… you have to have all three in alignment if you're going to actually be successful.”

(45:36) Strategizing, delegating, and the learning curves of developing a business…

(50:12) “We wouldn't be entrepreneurs if it weren't a challenge. I think both of us enjoy working through the challenges and rolling with the punches. We are taking one day at a time and finding a way to make this product come to light.”

(53:05) Juggling, structure, and thriving in chaos…

(58:20) What does Go Be More mean to Jasmine and Jalen?

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Recorded October 28, 2020.


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