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Turning Scars Into a Superpower With Singer, Podcaster Audra Bryant (Ep 64)

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Stories of tragedy to triumph have a magnetic quality about them—they draw us in. Audra has an honest and raw way of sharing her inner struggles. It’s this relatability that will inspire you to reframe your perspective on your own hidden scars.

Episode Notes

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“When you get used to hiding, it just becomes background noise.” —Audra Bryant

For 25 years, Audra Bryant couldn’t look at her body in a mirror. The scars of an early childhood accident defined her life, from how she dressed to who she thought she could be.

But as she pursued her dream to perform and write songs with lyrics that encouraged others, she recognized an inconsistency in her purpose and her reality. This sent her on a personal quest to “do the mirror work” she realized was missing in her life. Now she’s teaching others to accept their scars and turn them into superpowers.

(2:16) A family with some unusual math…

(4:39) An accident that shaped a life…

(8:05) The first realization that she was “different”

(12:27) “Everybody else had on a little tank top. I was the only one with a full long sleeve shirt in the summertime. And so that just became my life.”

(14:53) Hidden scars can cause you to ignore your own pain.

(18:24) “I didn't look at myself in the mirror until I was 25. I didn't look at my scars.”

(20:57) Allowing “scars” to hold us back…

(25:48) A revelation at 25…

(29:25) What was the draw towards theater and singing?

(32:58) “I just did everything covered up. But what happens is, you talked about being an artist, I really feel like a part of being an artist is being vulnerable.”

(34:55) Doing the personal work, mentally and physically…

(36:49) The power of acceptance…

(39:20) We all have experiences where we hold ourselves back…

(41:14) “Is it just about the cards that I've been dealt, or is it about how I'm playing my hand?”

(44:38) Using challenges as opportunities to educate people…

(47:47) Finding support in family, community, and sometimes therapists…

(52:42) What are you working on now?

(59:45) What does Go Be More mean to you?

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Recorded November 11, 2020.


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